128 Degrees

The true story of how a blonde American businesswoman fled Saudi Arabia

My global travel experiences and humanitarian efforts helped set the stage for my accepting a position with “The Company” in Saudi Arabia. This book is a frank, uncut and unique perspective on living and working in the Middle East as a blonde American businesswoman.

It not only depicts the strength it took for me to live and work abroad in a repressive society, but also the strength needed to flee from an environment where my accommodations were hardly more than what one would describe as “whore housing” and where I struggled with the isolation associated with the continuous limitations of the entire compound experience.

This is my experience, my reality, my story of the two years I spent working in Saudi Arabia.  It’s an outsider’s rare glimpse into the lives of Saudi women and the damaging sociological and psychological effects of living in a “fishbowl” at 128 degrees.


Evie Fox was born and raised in the South. She attributes her witty sense of humor, charm and keen ability to tell stories to her roots.

Evie has worked in the legal profession for fifteen years. Although she has successfully drafted many legal documents, this is her first go at writing and publishing a book.

Prior to working in Saudi Arabia, Evie spent quite a bit of time abroad. She loves experiencing different cultures and to date has visited almost thirty countries. Evie is also passionate about local and global humanitarian work.

When not jetting about the globe or volunteering, Evie can be found with her two fearless four-legged friends, who provide hours of entertainment and faithfully serve as bed warmers.




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